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Why this blog exists: 

To inspire people to evolve so they can live more fulfilling and happier lives by becoming the best version of themselves.

How we execute the why:

Blogs on the topics of personal finance, economics, real estate, business investments, stock market investments, fine wine investments, health, exercise, and traveling.

What we produce:

A visually appealing blog where we give a different perspective from the Xennial point of view.

Photo by Halil Ibrahim Cetinkaya on Unsplash

Who this blog for:

  • You are interested in capital preservation and a comfortable retirement. The ski bum lifestyle is not for you, but you don’t want or need an empire that makes 100’s of millions.
  • You haven’t retired.  You want to know, what are the strategies that work now in this economy.
  • You have active income job that you like and enjoy, but it’s not necessarily your passion.
  • You want to protect and grow your savings. I assume you already know how to make enough money to live, have a budget, and have some savings.
  • You want to be more hands on in your investments. You want to pilot the aircraft, or at least co-pilot.
  • You have ($25k-$400k) saved up.  You want to convert that money into low risk passive income.
  • You’re striving for more flexibility in your work to get more time and independence.
  • You think management can be the ultimate acts of service and altruism.  Not a way to get really rich off of someone else energy and work.

Who am I:

  • A visual and avid learner.
  • A programmer
  • A trust but verify type of person
  • Spent a few years as a cook in the culinary field.
  • Spent 8 years in banking. Experience in credit analysis and commercial lending.
  • Been together with my wife for over 16+ years.
  • I want Morbidly Obese FIRE (moFIRE) (aka financial freedom) not just financial independence.
  • Willing to trade money for time.
  • Willing to trade money for some comfort.
  • Into clean living and exercising.
  • Into slowing down, getting good rest, meditating, and eating healthy as your metabolism decreases over time.
  • Life is less about money, power, productivity, and influence than about strong friendships, traveling/culture/food/coffee/wine experiences.
  • Believer in the engineering approach .  Slice problems into smaller parts, iterate to an MVP, and continuous improvement over time. Experiment, gather data, analyze, repeat.